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About Us

Ya gotta admit — there is just something about a Jeep. Yes, it’s one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the world. Yes, it’s got a history that makes you wanna grab a flag and shout how great America really is. Yes, it’s known for a style that is only rivaled by its rugged durability. But for owners, the passion goes beyond all that.

Maybe we’re a little too attached to the Wrangler’s trail-bustin’ off-road abilities. Maybe we’re a bit too proud of the stylish luxury of the Grand Cherokee. Maybe, just maybe, we kinda dig on the fun vibe the Renegade gives off. But the pride and passion goes beyond even that. It’s a Jeep thing and many just don’t understand. But that’s okay. You do.

We established our online Jeep store — Far Country Jeep — because we wanted to help those as zealous about the performance, look, and durability of their Jeep as we are find high-quality custom Jeep parts and aftermarket Jeep accessories without gouging their bank accounts. We also wanted to give back! As a veteran owned company, a portion of all proceeds is donated directly to the Lone Survivor Foundation. 

Josh, owner and founder of Far Country Jeep, is a 13 year US Navy veteran currently serving in the US Navy Reserves as a Master at Arms. "The whole idea behind Far Country Jeep is to support veterans. A large portion of our net proceeds are donated to the Lone Survivor Foundation, helping wounded vets conquer their every day challenges. Along with that, providing high quality products to Jeep enthusiasts and impeccable customer service are my three main goals. Thanks for stopping by FCJ." - Josh

Our online collection of aftermarket Jeep parts has been hand-selected by our team, favoring quality and value over flash and trend. We offer only those custom Jeep parts that we know, without a doubt, will stand up to what you and your adventures throw at them. You deserve the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your Jeep parts and accessories are as reliable as the Jeep brand itself.

Whether cruising city streets or crossing mountain river beds, your 4x4 needs quality gear. Understanding that, we only offer those Jeep products that we would trust ourselves. We back everything we sell with a customer satisfaction guarantee that is as rock solid as your Jeep. For industry-leading products backed by an unwavering commitment to superior customer care, shop the impeccable collection in our online Jeep store.