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Off-Roading Tips For Beginners Part 1: Preparation

Many new Jeep Wrangler owners jump right into the off-roading scene, going “full send” without batting an eye. While a handful of them are perhaps capable of picking things up as they go along and ending up alright, a majority of them make some costly mistakes along the way — even doing irreparable damage to their rides.

Before you go and start putting your Wrangler through the test of tough trails, it’s important to be aware of the abilities and limitations of your 4x4 vehicle so you don’t go too far too fast. While some minor scratches, dings, and other damages are going to be somewhat inevitable when tackling the unforgiving conditions and obstacles of trails, your Jeep is still your baby — treat it as such. It’s essential to know how to properly navigate various off-road conditions so that you can keep your Wrangler in its best condition possible for years of adventures to come — preventing potentially serious damage and costly repair bills.

At Far Country Jeep, we want you to have the best experience possible on your first off-roading endeavors. That’s why we have comprised a list of helpful off-roading tips to read (and follow) before getting out there and going for the adrenaline-filled rides that you bought a Wrangler in order to enjoy.

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Off-Roading Tips -  Preparation

For part one of this blog series, we will cover what to do in preparation for your first big outing!

Keep reading to learn how to get started:

Read The Jeep Manual

We know this is something nobody wants to hear, especially the guy Jeep owners who tend to leave instruction manuals to collect dust in most cases. But reading your Wrangler manual is imperative for determining all of your Jeep’s potential functions, like all of those buttons that you never mess with during your daily driving — descent control, traction control, axle lock, and others.

Avoid Going Alone

When you are beginning your off-road practice, it’s imperative to have someone tag along. Not only is it more fun to off-road with company, but it’s good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario of something happening to your Jeep so that you aren’t stranded if you happen to mess something up on your Jeep or get stuck.

Get An Inspection

Before you go pushing your Jeep to the limits, it’s important to have a mechanical inspection done by a professional who is knowledgeable about Jeep off-road accessories and parts. This applies to newer Jeeps as well as older models as the precautions apply to both. There have been way too many instances of Wrangler riders taking their 4x4 out on steep terrain only to quickly realize they have worn brake pads that give out, leading to a variety of potential negative outcomes.

Reduce Your Tire Pressure

This is a costly mistake many new Jeep off-roaders can make. Your Jeep’s tire pressure must be adjusted to match the durability of the terrain that you are planning to ride. Tires can easily be susceptible to punctures from sharp rocks when riding in rough and rocky conditions. It also helps your traction when going up or down steep inclines to let a little air out.

Know Your Clearance

This is an aspect of off-roading that will take some practice, but having a rough idea of how much space is between your Jeep’s underbody is important so you don’t go tackling an obstacle that damages your Jeep or ends up getting you stuck.



We hope that these tips help you as you prepare to take your adventures in your Wrangler to the next level! Be sure to stay tuned to part two of our off-roading tips series to get insight into what to do out on the trails for your first excursions! And as always, browse our extensive collection of Jeep off-roading accessories we have to offer you at Far Country Jeep to upgrade your ride.